PIME 2014

PIME 2014

16 - 19 February 2014, Ljubljana, Slovenia

PIME Award for Communications Excellence

Winner of the Pime 2014 Award:


Winner of the Pime 2014 Award:

Simplicity, clarity of message and accessibility are the key with the Polish Atomic Forum’s Atomic Bus Mobile Laboratory communications campaign. The core objective is to take the key messages and facts about the peaceful applications of nuclear technology to as broad a cross section of Polish citizens as possible. Those citizens need as much information about nuclear as possible because their country is going nuclear for the first time. This new departure provides a blank communications canvas and the campaign exploits that opportunity by combining a wide range of interactive and didactic communications tools, including practical ‘edutainment’ experiments, written and audio-visual information, the harnessing of the power of both social media and traditional media, an exhibition that encourages debate, etc.

The main message is very clear: nuclear energy will impact positively on Polish citizens’ quality of life while at the same time helping to mitigate the effects of climate change. The Atomic Bus Mobile Laboratory campaign is a cost effective communications initiative that makes hands-on and interactive learning about nuclear a fun experience. It has easily measurable results and offers an excellent opportunity for recruiting the young talented individuals that will drive Poland’s nuclear industry in the future.

The PIME Award highlights how results-oriented communications can provide added value to your business. Share the secret of your success with your fellow communicators and get the peer group recognition that you deserve!

The PIME Award for Communications Excellence aims to recognise the achievements of professional communicators in the nuclear sector (industry, regulartory bodies, research centres, national associations, ...) who have successfully connected with their audiences, helped to dispel myths and misinformation about nuclear energy and enhanced the image of the whole nuclear sector.

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Presentations from the short-listed candidates for the 2014 PIME Award for Communications Excellence:

Pime Award
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