PIME 2014

PIME 2014

16 - 19 February 2014, Ljubljana, Slovenia

PIME 2014: Post-conference Technical Tours

The Technical Tours will take place on Wednesday, 19th February 2014.

Please note: deadline for registration for the technical tours is Monday 2 February 2014

PIME delegates can choose between two Technical Tours:

Technical Visit 1: Visit of Krsko Nuclear Power Plant and The World of Energy interactive multimedia centre of GEN energija

Krško Nuclear Power Plant (NEK) has been in commercial operation for more than 30 years. It has been supplying electricity to utilities of two countries in accordance with the Contract between both governments, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the Government of the Republic of Croatia.  Each of the partners is entitled to half of the electricity produced. NEK operates on a non-profit basis. Electricity production costs are covered by the two partners.

Krško Nuclear Power Plant (NEK)

NEK is equipped with a Westinghouse Pressurised Light Water Reactor of 2.000 MW thermal power.

GEN World of Energy is a multimedia centre on electric power and the energy industry. It provides an in-depth, science-based insight into energy and how electricity is generated and its impact on our everyday lives, as well as the economic, social and environmental aspects of electricity production. It also gives a better understanding of the role of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and sustainable electricity production, with a special emphasis on nuclear energy.

Departure from the Conference Hotel: 8.00
Return at the Conference Hotel: 16.30

Technical Visit 2: Visit of the Jozef Stefan Institute

The Jozef Stefan Institute (JSI) is the leading Slovenian scientific research institute, covering a broad spectrum of basic and applied research. Delegates will visit the TRIGA Mark II Reactor, the HVE Tandetron Accelerator as well as an exhibition on Nuclear Technology at the Nuclear Training Center.

Departure from the Conference Hotel: 9.00
Return at the Conference Hotel: approx. 14.00


The two Technical Tours are included in the registration fee.

The maximum size of each group is limited and participation is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please fill in the appropriate section of the registration form and the required information for the security check.




organised in collaboration with:

OECD Nuclear Energy Agency
Nuclear Society of Slovenia