Social Programme

Networking will be a major benefit of the TopFuel 2006 conference. The social events will help connect the participants and will allow them to discover the best of Salamanca. All the events described below, except for the golf tournament, are located in the historic city centre of Salamanca, within walking distance of the Conference and Exhibition Centre of Castilla and León and of the hotels.

The European Nuclear Society graciously acknowledges the help and support of ENUSA Industrias Avanzadas in organising the social programme.

Golf Tournament

On Sunday 22 October 2006, prior to the conference, the TopFuel 2006 delegates will have the occasion to meet (and compete!) informally on the golf course of the La Valmuza resort, 10 km west of Salamanca - much-needed leisure time in a beautiful natural setting. Further details will follow later. For further information on the golf course (18 holes), please see
Golf Tournament

The TopFuel 2006 Golf Tournament is graciously sponsored by GNF


Welcome Reception

Fonseca Palace

The faculties of Salamanca University can be found all over town and occupy several of the most beautiful buildings in the historical city centre. It is one of these that the Welcome Reception will be held: the Palacio Fonseca, named after the powerful archbishop who built the mansion in the 16th century. The room that will be used for the TopFuel 2006 Welcome Reception, the “Room with the Paintings”, dates back to the 18th century. Its walls are entirely covered by paintings – hence the name.

The Welcome Reception will take place on Sunday 22 October 2006 from 20.00.

The Fonseca Palace is located on Calle Fonseca 4, just few hundred meters away from the Conference and Exhibition Centre of Castilla and León.

The TopFuel 2006 Welcome Cocktail is graciously sponsored by Westinghouse


Classical concert in the Old Cathedral

Old Cathedral

Salamanca has no less than two cathedrals, built against one another. The oldest cathedral is Romanesque in origin, dating back to the 12th century whilst construction of the second cathedral started in the 16th century. One passes through the New Cathedral to get to the Old Cathedral.

It is in this Old Cathedral on Plaza de Anaya that the TopFuel 2006 delegates will be able to enjoy a concert of the local Francisco de Salinas Choir, named after a famous 16th century music professor and composer working at Salamanca University. The Valencia Symphonic Orchestra will accompany the choir. The programme includes Mozart (Coronation Mass and Requiem) and Händel (Messias).

The concert will be held on Monday 23 October 2006 at 20.30.

The delegates will have a full view of the altarpiece, a 15th century masterpiece, but there is more to see in the Old Cathedral – a beautiful cloister, ancient chapels in which the very first university courses were taught, and medieval towers offering a panoramic view of the golden-brown city.

The TopFuel 2006 Concert is graciously sponsored by AREVA


Guided Walking Tour (for accompanying persons only)

On Tuesday morning 24 October, the Accompanying Persons can participate in a guided walking tour of the historical city centre of Salamanca that will include not-to-be-missed landmarks: Plaza Mayor, the Old and New cathedrals, Casa de las Conchas (House of the Shells), the most beautiful monasteries, and the University. The visit will be followed by a Spanish-style lunch of tapas typical for Salamanca.

The tour will start at 10.00. Its departure point will be announced later.

Spanish Gourmet Experience

Good food and wine are important in Spain – in particular, savouring good food in good company! The Castilla and León province is particularly famous for its “embutidos”, typical Spanish meat delicacies. The region also produces red and white wine.

The delegates will be offered samples of local cuisine and wine on Tuesday 24 October 2006 between 19.00 and 20.00. This food & wine testing will take place at the Conference and Exhibition Centre of Castílla and León.

The TopFuel 2006 Spanish Gourmet Experience is graciously sponsored by ENUSA Industrias Avanzadas


Conference Dinner

The TopFuel 2006 Conference Dinner will be held on Wednesday 25 October 2006 from 21.00 at the Palacio Figueroa, named after the family that built it in 1545. Nowadays, the mansion serves as a club for selected business men and other men of importance. The dinner will take place at the courtyard – now covered by a lovely glass-stained ceiling, but in the past it was an open air patio such as all Salamanca palatial mansions have.

The Palacio Figueroa is located next to Plaza Mayor on Concejo Zamora.

Palacio Figueroa