The conference will bring together senior representatives from governments, industry and academia from around the world. Many leading industry players and interested politicians will be involved including eminent individuals from outside the nuclear industry.

Topnux 2006

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Key speakers will address important topics to help inform a balanced debate over the future role of nuclear energy, such as:

  • How countries are approaching nuclear new build

  • Progress in countries currently constructing nuclear facilities

  • Opportunities and challenges for sustainable nuclear energy development in the 21st century

  • The perception of nuclear energy in the eyes of policy makers

  • Advanced reactor products, their competitive economics and prospects

  • Long term R&D and opportunities (hydrogen, synergies with renewables)

  • Skills retention, economics, regulation

We have had positive indication to participate from the following speakers:

Malcolm Wicks, UK Energy Minister
Alec Erwin, Minister of Puplic Enterprise of South Africa
Paavo Lipponen, Speaker of the Finnish Parliament, ex-Prime Minister of Finland
Kang Rixin, President of the China National Nuclear Corporation, China
Anne Lauvergeon, Chairman of AREVA, France
Bill Coley,
CEO of British Energy
Robert Van Adel
, Chairman of AECL, Canada
James Lovelock, the eminent UK environmentalist
Mike Weightman, Chief Inspector of the NII, UK
Roland Schenkel, Director General of the EU Joint Research Centre
J.J. Lee, President of KHNP (Korean Power Utility), Korea
Jim Lake, Director Nuclear Programs of Idaho National Laboratory, USA
Takeo Fujie, Vice-President of JAPC, Japan
Dieter Helm, Director of OXERA, UK
Dieter Matzner, General Manager of Power Plants Division, PBMR, South Africa
Ragnar Loftsted, Direcetor of King's College, UK
Philippe Pradel, CEA, France
Jacques Bouchard, CEA, France
Tommy Hedman, Technical Director of SKB, Sweden
Anita Nielson, Head of Nuclear Security, IAEA, Austria
S.K. Jain, Chairman & Managing Director of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL)
Claude Birraux, Member of the French Parliament