Social Programme

Networking will be a major benefit of the TopSafe 2008 conference. The social events will help connect the participants and will allow them to discover Dubrovnik. All social events are included in the registration fee.

Welcome Reception

The Welcome Reception will take place on Tuesday the 30th of September at the beautiful terrace of the Dubrovnik Palace Hotel.

terrace of the Dubrovnik Palace Hotel

TopSafe Conference Dinner

After the Technical Sessions on Thursday 2nd of October TopSafe 2008 will enjoy a boat trip to the old port of beautiful Dubrovnik.

Town Cafe

The TopSafe 2008 Conference Dinner will take place the ‘Town Caffe’ located in the building of the former arsenal in the old port. This arsenal consisted of four separate vaulted areas where the galleys for the defence of the city were docked. Warships for immediate defence of the city were built and maintened there. The Republic owned no other warships, but their merchant ships were armed adequately. The Arsenal was often modified over the centuries, it was reconstructed or new parts were added. If new construction or a long repair was started, the arched openings were walled in. The walls were knocked down and opened again when the vessel was complete in order to launch it.


The TopSafe Conference Dinner is co-sponsored by Westinghouse

Accompanying people are welcome to attend the Conference Dinner at an additional cost.



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organised in cooperation with the IAEA