Atomic Energy Act


The "Act on the Peaceful Utilisation of Atomic Energy and the Protection against its Hazards" - the Atomic Energy Act - became effective on 1st January 1960. It has since been amended and supplemented several times. Last amendment July 2011.

The purpose of the Atomic Energy Act is

  1. to phase out the use of nuclear energy for the commercial generation of electricity in a structured manner, and to ensure on-going operation up until the date of discontinuation,

  2. to protect life, health and material goods against the risks of nuclear energy and the harmful effects of ionizing radiation and to compensate for damage caused by nuclear energy or ionizing radiation,

  3. to avoid a risk to the internal or external security of the Federal Republic of Germany through the application or release of nuclear energy,

  4. to ensure that the Federal Republic of Germany meets its international liabilities in the field of nuclear energy and radiation protection.









11 - 15 March 2018
Munich, Germany


30 September - 04 October 2018
Prague, Czech Republic