Commission on Radiological Protection


Pursuant to the statutes of the Commission on Radiological Protection (SSK - Strahlenschutzkommission) dated 8th August 2012, the SSK's task is to advise the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety in matters relating to the protection of hazards resulting from ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. In detail, the SSK's task comprises the following subjects:

  • radiation effects and dose-effect-relationships,

  • proposals for dose limits and derived limits,

  • monitoring the exposure of the population, special population groups and workers,

  • guidelines and special measures of protection against hazards arising from ionizing and non-ionizing radiation,

  • guidelines on emergency preparedness and measures to reduce the radiation exposure in the event of a nuclear emergency or catastrophe,

  • dispersion models for airborne and liquid releases of radionuclides from licensed facilities,

  • the consequences of international recommendations on the German system of radiological protection,

  • development and scientific support of research programmes on radiological protection topics.

In accordance with its statutes the SSK can form committees and working groups for special task and determine their missions in agreement with the competent federal ministry or upon its request.








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