Consensus on nuclear power


In an agreement concluded on June 14, 2000, the Federal Government and the power utilities agreed upon the orderly termination of the use of nuclear power for electricity production. Essential points of this agreement were adopted in the "Act on the structured phase-out of the utilisation of nuclear energy for the commercial generation of electricity" of April 22, 2002.

The major points of the agreement concern the following:

  • There shall be no new licenses for nuclear power plants intended for commercial electricity generation. Research on the field of nuclear engineering, on the other hand, shall remain free.

  • Residual operating lives: Each nuclear power plant shall be allowed to generate a specified residual amount of electricity. Residual electricity production volumes may be transferred from one nuclear power plant to another. In total, 2623.3 bn kilowatt hours may yet be generated. If a power plant has reached its target volume, it has to be taken off the grid. The nuclear power plants shall be operated at a high level of safety for as long as they are operational.

  • Waste management: Interim storage facilities for spent fuel elements shall be build at the nuclear power plant sites as quickly as possible in order to reduce the number of nuclear transports. Direct final storage of radioactive waste shall become the regular waste management option. Spent fuel elements may still be transported to reprocessing until June 30, 2005.

  • Gorleben: Exploration of the salt dome at Gorleben (repository) shall be halted for at least three and no more than ten years. The Federal Government shall take the necessary measures to make sure that the site remains operable during this period. The pilot conditioning plant shall only be used for the repair of defective storage casks.

  • Konrad mine: The plan approval procedure for the planned repository for low- and medium-active waste in the Konrad mine shall be concluded, but there shall be no immediate execution of the plan approval decision.

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