Czech INSARR mission goes smoothly

Czech Republic – an IAEA Integrated Safety Assessment of Research Reactor (INSARR) mission has been conducted for Nuclear Research Institute Rez plc’s LVR-15. Related to the reactor’s licence renewal in 2003 (until 2014), this mission underscores the Czech Republic’s commitment to safety standards at its nuclear facilities and to maintaining total transparency in this regard.

The INSARR team, having carried out its assessment on 1-5 December 2003, concluded that the LVR-15 is operated safely and that the facility’s personnel are knowledgeable and are performing their tasks responsibly and competently. In addition to identifying several good practices, the team made recommendations to improve operational safety levels.

The LVR-15 is a light-water moderated, cooled tank reactor, having forced cooling. With a maximum reactor power of 10 MWth, it serves as a source for material testing, activation analysis as well as irradiation for medical purposes.


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