Conference will spell out: Slovakia’s energy future is bleak without nuclear

'Can Slovakia Secure Energy Supply and Sustainable Development without Nuclear?' – the theme for the 5-6 May 2004 conference in Bratislava, Slovakia – indicates that straight talking is what this event will be all about! Teaming up to provide the organisation are the Slovak Nuclear Society (SNUS) and the Slovak Nuclear Forum (SJF), together with the ENS and its partner in the joint secretariat, the European Atomic Forum, FORATOM.

Focused in its objective, the conference aims to send a clear, hard-hitting message to decision-makers. This is that: Slovakia cannot secure future energy supply, if it does not complete its partially built reactors and if it closes its safe and effective ones. Nuclear has to remain an indispensable part of the country's future energy mix.

The event will open with invited presentations by officials at the highest level of organisations such as the IAEA, the IEA, OECD/NEA, the NEI, the WNA and WANO, as well as the European Commission and Parliament. This line-up will be followed by a host of speakers from the political and nuclear industrial arenas in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary and the Russian Federation.

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