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(July 2004)


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This summer edition of ENS News takes on a celebratory theme as 50-year nuclear anniversaries are marked in various parts of the world. These events provide an important opportunity both to appraise and take stock of the past, freeing the space for informed projections for the future.

Continuing in an analytical vein in this issue, there is an insight into the challenges of the future of the European Nuclear Industry in a context of rapid change from ENS President, Bertrand Barré. On the R&D front, you will find a report on the Belgian Nuclear Society’s roundtable entitled “Nuclear R&D in Europe: status and future”.

This period of reflection is compounded by the lightness in spirit at this time of year, as we all unwind before the autumn. In this spirit, you will find an ENS News that is somewhat reduced in volume, quality not quantity being of course at the top of our concerns!

The ENS General Assembly in Vienna provided the summer’s sounding board for ideas, and we hope this issue will provide ideal material for pondering thoughts at this time of relative quiet.

Wishing you a very restful holiday,

Peter Haug
Secretary General

Andrew Teller


Speech by ENS President Bertrand Barré

The Future of the European Nuclear Industry

ENS, as you know, has always pioneered Europe’s enlargement. The European Union reached 25 members this month, and I have no doubt that Croatia will join in the near future. However all new entrants to the European Union were part of ENS long before accession, and also non-European Union countries, including Russia and Israel are among our member societies…


ENS General Assembly in Vienna, 25 June 2004

The Summer 2004 ENS General Assembly took place in Vienna on Friday 25 June. Organised with the kind assistance of the Austrian Nuc Soc and in particular its president, Helmut Böck, it got off to a fine start on the preceding evening, with a typical Viennese “Heuriger” dinner on the outskirts of the city.


Listening to others: a personal view by Andrew Teller, ENS society manager

50 years: the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?

Fifty years of peaceful uses of nuclear energy have given rise to several celebrations in the world. They started in 2003 with « Atoms for Peace » initiative. 2004 is the year of two further events.


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