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ETRAP 2005: Spotlight on education and training in radiological protection

3rd International Conference on Education and Training in Radiological Protection

23-25 November 2005, Metropole Hotel, Brussels, Belgium

The conference is jointly organised by the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK-CEN) and the Belgian Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC), in cooperation with ENS who acts as the Conference Secretariat.

ETRAP 2005 aims to reinforce the contacts between organisations and individuals dealing with education and training in radiological protection on national and international level. In addition to experience sharing and mutual learning, the conference intends to contribute to a better harmonisation of training practice and of skills recognition. Special attention will be paid to the networks currently emerging at the European and global level. Both ETRAP 2005 and subsequent ETRAP conferences will provide the necessary platform for a comprehensive and trans-disciplinary approach to education and training in radiological protection.

If you wish to be part of the ETRAP programme, please send your proposal by March 1st, 2003 to

Visit for the Preliminary Programme, registration form, Call for Papers and abstract form, and general information.

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