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RRFM 2005RRFM 2005
PIME 2005PIME 2005

International Topical Meeting on Probabilistic Safety Analysis, PSA'05

11-15 September 2005
Sir Francis Drake Hotel, San Francisco, Carlifornia, USA

The 2005 ANS International Topical Meeting on Probabilistic Safety Analysis (PSA’05) is a major meeting for discussing PSA issues, including methods, applications, and risk-informed regulation for advanced reactors and other nuclear installations. The meeting will not be limited to nuclear applications since the technology developed by the nuclear industry has spread far beyond that limited application. The meeting will present contributed and invited papers, invited speakers, and panel discussions. Readers are reminded of the many recreational opportunities in and around beautiful San Francisco. Papers are solicited in the technical subjects listed. Authors are requested to suggest an appropriate technical subject but there is no requirement that it match one of those l isted.


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