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PIME 2005: Putting communications excellence centre stage

17th Topical Meeting on Public Information Media Exchange
13-16 February 2005, Maison de la Chimie, Paris, France

PIME is unique: it is the only conference in the world for communications professionals working for nuclear power plants, research institutes, nuclear authorities, and companies. They address a very varied audience including the general public, local communities, youngsters, green parties, NGOs and state authorities. The conference in Paris aims at broadening the PIME platform for exchange between nuclear professionals, offering new horizons and a wider range of learning opportunities.

PIME participants are invited to join in debates of great interest on nuclear communications issues:

  • Using the power of television to promote public awareness and debate

  • Lessons learned from other sectors (Exxon Mobile) and other regions (China and Japan)

  • Impact of nuclear communications: A view from the media

  • A fresh look at the dialogue with the Greens, the NGOs and the European Union

  • French experiences in nuclear communications including EPR, waste management solutions and EURODIF

Experiences can be shared in interactive workshops:

  • Seven workshops with state-of-the-art presentations, including best practices and new strategic approaches

  • An IAEA organised workshop on crisis communications

  • An IAEA organised hands-on training session for selected PIME participants on best practices

New this year is the competition for the very first PIME Award for Communications Excellence!
Communicators can present a successful communications campaign that they have recently run: an advertising campaign, a film, a CD-ROM, a brochure or an inter-active website. This is a chance to get the international visibility and credit the campaign deserves.

Please refer to for the Preliminary Programme and registration form.

PIME 2005 is organised in cooperation with the IAEA, OECD/NEA, SFEN and CEA

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