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RRFM 2007 /IGORR – Invitation to Exhibit

Meet your customers

Take the opportunity to meet old and new customers by participating in the Exhibition at the joint RRFM 2007 / IGORR conference!

  • Win new development opportunities through direct, day-to-day networking with a targeted audience

  • Develop your profile and achieve maximum exposure across the research reactor audience

  • Communicate your corporate message and product news directly to all delegates

  • Gain direct access to key players in the research reactor field

  • Influence policy by participating in the discussions

Past RRFM exhibitors

  • AREVA (FR)

  • Edlow Intl (USA)

  • Konsortium NCS/GNS (DE)

  • NAC International (USA)


  • SDMS (FR)

  • Transnubel (BE)

Meet the joint research reactor audience! Reserve now!

Exhibition Floorplan

The joint conference, bringing together the ENS International Topical Meeting of Research Reactor Fuel Management (RRFM) and the Meeting of the International Group on Research Reactors (IGORR) will take place at the International Conference Center of Lyon.

The conference will take place in the new ‘Salle 3000’ area of the Conference Center that was inaugurated in 2006. The exhibition will be located in the conference foyer where coffee and lunches will be served, close to the main entrance and registration desk, right next to the delegate traffic. This location will guarantee maximum contact between exhibitors and delegates.

RRFM 2007 floor plan

Price per M2:

Space only:
Space only + furniture:
Modular shell scheme stand:

330 Euro per m²
350 Euro per m²
400 Euro per m²


The space is fully carpeted. The exhibitor can choose between SPACE-ONLY, with or without furniture, and a MODULAR SHELL SCHEME STAND with walls and furniture. ENS members have a 10% reduction (as per the membership status on 1 January 2007).

Both formulas are flexible: they include a minimum reservation but exhibitors can add as many square meters as they like and need (see prices above).


The exhibitor only rents the space and sets up the stand at his own expenses.

Option 1: Without furniture
The minimum reservation is 3m x 0.5m (1.5m²), but only to set up a promotional display. The minimum stand space is 3m x 1.5m if a company representative is present, and includes a free delegate pass.

The minimum cost of option 1 is 495 Euro for 1.5m².

Option 2: With furniture
The minimum space that can be reserved is 3m x 1.5m (4.5m²).

This option includes the following:

  • Table, 3 chairs, counter, low cupboard and magazine holder

  • One free delegate pass worth 650 Euro (non-member rate)

The minimum cost of option 2 is 1575 Euro for 4.5m² (including one free delegate pass).


The exhibitor rents exhibition space and a carpeted, modular stand including walls, fascia with company name, and furniture. The minimum space that can be reserved is 3m x 2m (6m²).

Furniture includes a table and 3 chairs and up to two further furniture items from the following list: counter, low cupboard and magazine holder.

Option 1: Up to 9m²
This option includes one free delegate pass worth 650 Euro (non-member rate)

Option 2: Above 9m²
This option includes two free delegate passes worth 650 Euro (non-member rate) each.

The minimum cost of a modular shell scheme stand is 2400 Euro for 6m² (including one free delegate pass and a second pass at the lowest registration fee).

Download the RRFM 2007 Stand Order Form


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