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Please note that the RRFM programme will be organised in two days and a half. The RRFM sessions will this time end after lunch on Wednesday, 5 March. The two post-conference technical visits will take place later on in the afternoon of 5th March 2008.

Programme format

The RRFM programme focuses on all aspects of nuclear fuel cycle management including new fuel options and optimisation approaches. Improvements of the physical safety of research reactor fuel and the various conversion programmes will also be of bigger interest.

The programme consists of a wide range of oral and poster contributions from research reactor professionals.

Five sessions will set the frame of RRFM 2008 programme:

  • Session 1: International topics and overview on new projects and fuel developments

  • Session 2: Fuel development & fabrication

  • Session 3: Reactor operation, fuel safety and core conversion

  • Session 4: Fuel back-end management

  • Session 5: Innovative methods in research reactor analysis

Please note that sessions 4 and 5 will run in parallel.

The formal, plenary conference programme will be complimented by visits to two local nuclear facilities on 5 March 2008.

Preliminary Programme

Please note that the Preliminary Programme is subject to change!

Download RRFM 2008 Conference Schedule

Preliminary Programme (html)

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RRFM 2008 Programme Committee

Edgar Koonen, SCK•CEN, Belgium (Chairman)
Pablo Adelfang, IAEA, Austria
Philippe Auzière, Areva NC, France
Philip Beeley, Ministry of Defense, United Kingdom
Helmuth Böck, Atominstitut, Austria
Vladimir Broz, NRI Rez, Czech Republic
André Chabre, CEA, France
Gunter Damm, Jülich Research Center, Germany
Jacob de Vries, RID Delft, The Netherlands
Jean-Louis Falgoux, CERCA (AREVA Group), France
Gerhard Gruber, NUKEM, Germany
István Vidovszky, AEKI, Hungary