RRFM 2012

Call for Papers

The next RRFM conference will be combined with the IGORR conference for 2012.

The RRFM/IGORR 2012 Programme Committee is calling for both oral and poster presentations in the following areas:

  • All Key Areas of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle of Research Reactors - Fissile material supply. Fresh fuel and targets: Origin and status, qualification, fabrication. Fuel in-core management and safety. Fresh and spent fuel transportation. Fuel and reactor licensing. Spent fuel storage, corrosion and degradation. Fuel back-end management.

  • Innovative methods in research reactor analysis and design - Development and application of advanced computational methods and tools for research reactors physics, safety and fuel management: Neutronics Calculations and Experiments, Methods and Tools for Research Reactor Core Analysis and Design, Fuel Cycle Physics (including Actinides transmutation and proliferation reduction issues), Nuclear Safety Assessment Methods and Improvements for Research Reactors.

  • Utilization of Research Reactors – Research reactor services; Utilization experience and good practices; Success stories in improving research reactor sustainability; Utilization in the fields of research & development, education & training and industrial applications; Research reactors networks, coalitions and centres of excellence; Experiences in the transition from full government support to total or partial facility self-sustainability and self-reliance; Utilization in support of international initiatives on innovative nuclear power reactors and fuel cycles; Irradiation programmes carried out in research reactors in support of multilateral undertakings; Challenges, constraints and capability gaps potentially limiting research reactor’s utilization.

  • Medical Application: Production of Radio-Isotopes  in particular Moly 99 supply: conversion to  LEU targets, new projects, …; Research reactor capacity needed to meet the future demand for radioisotopes for medicine and industry;

  • New Research Reactor Projects – National and regional plans for new research reactors; Lessons learned from building and operating new research reactors; Role of research reactors in developing nuclear competence to implement nuclear power programmes in a medium to long term perspective; Development of national and regional infrastructure necessary to implement new research reactor projects.

  • Research Reactor Operation, Maintenance and Safety Reassessment – Plant material condition control; Managing issues at either end of the facility 'bathtub curve' (commissioning, early operation and end of life/ageing related issues); Maintenance assessments and risk informed maintenance programmes; Management systems; Configuration management; Procedure utilisation; Communications and work control; Design review and control; Human resource development and training programmes; Regulatory interface; Public relations; Management improvement programmes and performance monitoring.

Click here to download the RRFM/IGORR 2012 Call for Papers

We welcome both oral and poster submissions. If you wish to share your knowledge and insights with fellow-members of the research reactor community, please submit your abstract by 18.11.2011 through the RRFM/IGORR 2012 Abstract Submission System.

Abstract review

The abstracts received will be peer reviewed under the auspices of the RRFM 2012 Programme Committee and the IGORR Steering Committee. Authors will be notified of paper acceptance by 23 December 2011.

Important dates

Deadline for abstract submission: 18. November 2011
Notification of authors: 23 December 2011
Deadline for full paper submission: 17 February 2012
Deadline for submission of PowerPoint presentations: 7 March 2012
Conference: 18 - 22 March 2012

Instructions for authors

Your full paper must be upload by 17 February 2012 at the very latest.

Your Powerpoint presentation must be in our possession by 7 March 2012 at the very latest.

Download instructions for authors

Publication Policy

The proceedings of RRFM/IGORR 2012 will be published on the RRFM 2012 conference website, linked to the ENS website, with the reference number ISBN 978-92-95064-13-3 and on the IGORR website (www.igorr.com).

RRFM/IGORR 2012 Delegates will receive a CD ROM with the proceedings of the conference about 6 weeks after the event.

Please don't hesitate to contact the ENS / RRFM 2012 Secretariat should you have any question:

Tel: + 32 2 505 30 54
Fax: +32 2 502 3902
e-mail: rrfm2012@euronuclear.org





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