ENS Young Generation Network

The future of nuclear lies with the young generation

In 1995, ENS supported a proposal from the late Jan Runermark, the then President-elect of ENS, to help spread the Young Generation Network (YGN) to all member countries. Today, the YGN exists in many European countries and has developed clear objectives.

1. Attracting more young people

The people who built today’s nuclear industry and know-how in Europe are starting to retire. More and more young people must be prepared to take on leadership positions in the nuclear industry. That’s why:

  • YGN stands for positive measures to recruit and educate young people as engineers, technicians and skilled staff in the nuclear field: from school to university and in the industry itself.

  • YGN stands for attractive careers for young people.

2. Training new leaders

In some countries, the transition of leadership from the generation which built the industry to the young generation is already taking place. In others, it is set to take place soon. That’s why:

  • YGN stands for the exchange of knowledge between the older and younger generation.

3. Thinking nationally

The YGN seeks to bring together young people working in the nuclear field at a national level. In the main, their activities are fully integrated into the national nuclear societies. That’s why:

  • YGN stands for the formation of a YGN in every European country with a nuclear sector.

  • YGN stands for active participation of young people in the national nuclear societies, particularly in leadership positions.

4. Thinking internationally

The nuclear business is an international one. Tomorrow’s leaders must have an international perspective and they must know their colleagues in other countries. That’s why:

  • YGN stands for bringing together all the national YGNs at European level.

5. Opening up nuclear conferences

For too long only mature and experienced industry employees were able to attend technical and scientific conferences. Young people need to be able to express their views at such events if they are to lead the industry. That’s why:

  • YGN stands for opening up topical seminars, conferences and other technical meetings to young people.

  • YGN stands for adapting the agendas to reflect the needs of young people and to ensure a proper transfer of skills.

  • YGN stands for organising relevant seminars and topical meetings which are specifically aimed at young people.

How to join

If you are a member of a national nuclear society, contact them. You can also contact the YGN in your country. Membership is open to people working in all aspects of the nuclear field including industry, academia and research.







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