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The following report on was written and compiled by Michael Grave, Vice President of BNES.


Developing a Nuclear Institute

Learned Society activity in the UK has been led by the British Nuclear Energy Society since 1962. Our sister organisation the Institution of Nuclear Engineers is a professional body whose principal aim is the promotion of the highest standards of professional practice and knowledge in nuclear engineering. Admission procedures ensure that members maintain these high standards and membership of the Institution confers a hall mark of professional standing. The additional hallmark of ECUK Registration, with the designations of Chartered Engineer, Incorporated Engineer or Engineering Technician can be conferred on those members who fulfil the appropriate requirements.

Over the years the two organisations have collaborated and grown closer thanks to a joint journal, secretariat, branches and conference sponsorship. Informal discussions with key stakeholders have shown that the formation of a Nuclear Institute would be widely regarded as a beneficial step.

BNES and INucE Trustees agreed a Memorandum and Articles of Association for the Nuclear Institute (NI), which was then incorporated as a company limited by guarantee with Companies House on 23 April 2008. BNES and INucE organisations continue to function as normal and the duties of the existing Trustees remain in place. No assets will be transferred until the respective Trustees and members of BNES and INucE have considered and agreed to the proposed merger, if they so do. This is scheduled for September 2008.

To celebrate the first step an event took place at the House of Commons to which a number of key stakeholders from Government, Industry and education were invited. The event was hosted by Linda Gilroy MP and Malcolm Wicks, Minister for Energy, gave a positive speech in response to the opening address by John Earp the current BNES President. The drinks reception was followed by dinner hosted by David Whitworth the current Institution of Nuclear Engineers President at which Paul Thomas, the President designate for the Nuclear Institute gave his views on the future of the industry, which was well received. Common ground in the UK is so important because of the resurgence of interest in all aspects of nuclear energy; clean up; a major political turn around in the requirement for new build and the need to service and extend the life of the UK’s existing nuclear facilities.

This report on the recent Nuclear New Build Conference was written by Andrew Howarth of the UK’s vibrant Young Generation Network (and Nexia Solutions Ltd).

Status of New Build in the UK

A keynote address by John Hutton the Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) stated the Government’s unequivocal support for nuclear power as a part of a balanced energy policy, as detailed in the Energy White Paper that is currently passing through the legislative process unopposed and which is expected to receive the Royal Assent very soon. This was followed by sessions covering regulatory aspects, financial and legal aspects, the UK delivery model, the UK supply chain and skills, fuel cycle and waste management, and public acceptability. The conference closed with a very positive speech from Adam Dawson, a senior civil servant at BERR, which reflected the message contained in John Hutton’s opening address.

One session that was particularly relevant to the YGN and younger industry members in general was the UK supply chain and skills, chaired by Andrew. The session consisted of four presentations followed by a lively panel discussion. Bill Bryce, director of Doosan Babcock and representing the Nuclear Industry Association, presented the findings of the NIA review of UK capability to deliver a new build programme. Jean Llewellyn, Director of National Skills Academy, Nuclear, gave a presentation on the skills and training initiatives that are currently in place across the industry, and what is still required. Gerry McGill, Managing Director of AMEC Nuclear, presented his view of models of partnering relationships that are essential for successful delivery of new build construction. Finally, Dougie Rooney, National Officer of Unite, spoke passionately about the need for unions and industry to work together. Overall, the panel provided a positive view of the UK supply chain and skills, but highlighted the important factors that need to be concentrated on in order for the UK to provide confidence to investors of the ability to succeed.

Education and Training

Skills development and availability is vital to the activity of the industry, regulators and supply chain to deliver all aspects of the UK’s forward nuclear programme. Very significant in 2008 was the formal launch of the National Skills Academy, Nuclear at the Science Museum in London sponsored by BNES when an Apprentice of the Year Award was announced by John Earp, BNES President. BNES Education and Training Committee chaired by Michael Grave (Doosan Babcock, BNES VP & ENS Board Member) plays a prominent role in steering and supporting E&T initiatives. It supports a number of initiatives aimed at rectifying this. In parallel activities to support schools, (Energy Foresight), university courses, attendance at premier industry summer schools such as the World Nuclear University and Joliot/Hahn, a significant grant to the Royal Academy of Engineering and then involvement of young professionals in the industry has also been progressed.

BNES Membership breakdown 2005-2008 1

It is not surprising that all this enthusiasm for the future has had a significant impact on the growth of BNES membership – see the graph below. This increase reflects many things including activity levels within the sector, future prospects for the industry and the promotional work carried out by the active volunteers within the BNES. It is particularly pleasing to note the year on year increase of YGN members within the BNES as this indicates a successful future for the nuclear sector in the UK. The increase in membership has also enabled the establishment of five new branches in recent years.

BNES Membership

So the Joint Transition Group set up by BNES, the INucE and the Trustees designate for the Nuclear Institute are working hard to bring together a common voice for nuclear energy and engineering in the UK.

1 This works on the number of members paid at the end of each year (not including 2008)

Future conferences in the UK

Nuclear Decommissioning: from safe operation to site remediation
ACC Liverpool

22 -24 September 2008

5th International Conference on Low Dose Radiation (co-sponsored by ENS)
The Think Tank, Birmingham
3 - 5 February 2009

Radioactive Materials Transport
Lowry Hotel, Manchester, 12-14 May 2009

Michael Grave, Vice President of BNES

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