Issue No. 21 Summer
(July 2008)


ENS News

Word from the President

The case for nuclear energy is not solely linked to global warming

ENS Events


NESTet 2008 - YGN Reporter

PIME 2009

RRFM 2009

Member Societies & Corporate Members

High Pressure - Boiling Water Reactor, HP-BWR

NUSIM 2008

MINA 2008

Why the Bulgarian Nuclear Society insist that the “small units” at Kozloduy NPP remain operational

Annual General Meeting of KTG and the German Atomic Forum takes place in Hamburg

UK Societies announce nuclear merger

The SNE magazine analyzes the results of the nuclear power plants in 2007

MYRRHA a new future for nuclear research

Spent fuel pool emptying, drainage and purging at EUREX Plant (Italy)

YGN Report

Nestet YGN Reporter

North American Young Generation at a Nuclear Congress in Chicago

European Institutions

Nuclear Forum working on roadmap for the development of nuclear in the EU

Nuclear Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Avoidance in the European Union

Position Paper on Nuclear Energy’s Contribution to a post-2012 Climate Policy

ENS World News

NucNet News

ENS Members

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Editorial staff


30.9. - 3.10. 2008
in Dubrovnic, Croatia


PIME 2009
15 - 17 February 2009
in Edinburgh, UK


RRFM 2009
22.3. - 25.3.2009
in Vienna, Austria


Editorial staff:

Editorial Staff:

Mark O’Donovan, Editor-in-Chief

Contributors to this Issue:

Hamid Aït Abderrahim (SCK.CEN)
Madaras Attila (YGN)
Botond Beliczai (YGN)
Costantino Biondani (Sogi Spa)
David Bonser (ENS)
David Dalton (NucNet)
Kirsten Epskamp (ENS)
S. Falcón (CIEMAT)
J.C. García-Cuesta (CIEMAT)
Michele Gili (Sogin Spa)
Michael Grave (BNES)
Václav Hanus (CNS)
Andrew Howarth (UK YGN)
Sanna Helin (Finnish Young Generation)
L.E. Herranz (CIEMAT)
Konstantin Jacoby (KTG)
Joachim Knebel (KTG)
Péter Kósa (YGN)
Hans Korteweg (Foratom)
M. Marco (CIEMAT)
Miguel Millán, Spanish YGN
Mara Mollo (Sogin Spa)
Frigyes Reisch (KTH)
Vladimir Slugen (SNUS)
Andrew Teller (Areva)
Péter Tóth (YGN)
Bogdán Yamaj (YGN)
Ruscho Yankov (Bulgarian Nuclear Society)


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