Pime 2009

15 - 18 February 2009, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

PIME Award for Communications Excellence

The PIME Award highlights how results-oriented communications can provide added value to your business. Share the secret of your success with your fellow communicators and get the peer group recognition that you deserve!

The 2009 PIME Award for Communications Excellence aims to recognise the achievements of professional communicators in the nuclear industry who have successfully connected with their audiences, helped to dispel myths and misinformation about nuclear energy and enhanced the image of our industry.

Belgian Nuclear Forum wins PIME 2009 Communications Award

An advertising campaign by the Belgian Nuclear Forum has won the 2009 PIME Award for Communications Excellence.


The campaign, which uses extensive billboard, internet, TV, and printed press advertising, revolves around a series of key questions aimed at getting people to think again about nuclear energy.

The campaign was the first extensive nuclear public advertising campaign in Belgium. The forum said the campaign’s ultimate objective is “to influence the public and politicians to rethink the nuclear option and reconsider the current phase-out policy”.

Presentations from the Pime Award Candidates:


Belgian Nuclear Forum

Nuclear energy, have you ever really thought about it?



British Energy

British Energy - The Hi-Energy Partnership




Women of Cattenom




Welcome a tree in your family!



URENCO education programme



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