ROSATOM To Start The Construction Of Brest-OD-300 This Autumn

ROSATOM announced in its corporate newspaper “Strana Rosatom” the beginning of the construction of the Brest-OD-300 pilot demonstration power plant this autumn.

The licence for construction has been issued by Russian regulator Rostechnadzor last February.

The Brest-OD-300 is a Generation IV lead-cooled fast reactor (LFR), which is being built at the Siberian Chemical Combine, and was scheduled for completion at the end of 2026.

It is part of a pilot demonstration energy complex in the framework of the “Proryv” project.

This project is aimed at achieving a new quality of nuclear energy, development, creation and industrial implementation of closed nuclear fuel cycle (CNFC) based on fast reactors that will lead to development of a large-scale nuclear power industry.

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