The IAEA International Conferences on Topical Issues in Nuclear Installation Safety (TIC) are organized periodically bringing together nuclear safety regulators, plant designers and operators, technical support organizations and other stakeholders from interested Member States, as well as other international organizations to discuss current practices and challenges related to nuclear installation safety.

The TIC2022 Conference is specifically designed to comprehensively address the issues related to the safety of evolutionary and innovative reactor designs, and thus foster harmonization of safety approaches in this area and further enhance regulatory frameworks to cope with these challenges.


Key Deadlines and Dates

  • 1 September 2021: Opening of synopsis submission through IAEA-INDICO
  • 14 February 2022: Submission of abstracts through IAEA-INDICO
  • 14 February 2022: Deadline for submission of the Participation Form (Form A) and if applicable Form for Submission of a Paper (Form B) and the Grant Application Form (Form C), using the InTouch+ Platform.
  • 28 March 2022: Notification of acceptance of abstracts for oral or poster presentation
  • 27 May 2022: Electronic submission of full papers through IAEA-INDICO
  • 29 July 2022: Notification of review of full papers
  • 9 September 2022: Deadline for submission of revised full papers submitted through IAEA-INDICO
  • 18-21 October 2022 Conference dates

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