The Nuclear Institute UK and NI Young Generation Network (YGN) have a webinars-intensive end of June ahead.

Many online events are planned and available in the NI’s Webinar Calendar.

There you can find more details on each webinar, dates and registration forms.

Here the list of the upcoming events:

  • “Who has the Dojo?” – 23rd and 30th June 2020, both at 15:00-15:45 WET
    These events are parts of a webinar series held throughout the month of June, which will host thought-provoking speakers on topics from within and outside of the nuclear sector;
  • YGN Cumbria Speaking Competition, 25th June 2020, 17:30-19:30 WET
  • Progress with Construction and Engineering at Hinkley Point C NPP, 30th June 2020, 12:30-13:30 WET
    The webinar will provide an overview of the progress of Hinkley Point C, the largest and most complex construction project in Europe to build two of the most powerful reactors in the world. Read about the Hinkley Point C last progress also on ENS News.

Check the overmentioned Webinar Calendar and don’t miss these interesting opportunities!