Croatian Nuclear Society continues with its successful series of international conferences for professionals working in the field of nuclear energy and associated areas. The purpose of the conference series is to present and discuss the most relevant topics concerning the role and position of the nuclear option in the current energy balance, with special attention paid to the countries with small and medium electricity grids.

Nuclear energy as the CO2 free energy source should have its place in resolving these concerns and enabling all the countries to cope with challenges they pose. Following the success of the previous conferences in the series, the 13th International Conference in Zadar will serve the same general purpose, concentrating on the topics which attracted the most of interest previously.

At the Conference the nuclear option will be considered and discussed from the point of view of national energy strategies, resources, costs, technological, organizational and educational requirements, as well as environmental advantages. The focus will also be on matters related to nuclear power plants operation and design safety, fuel cycle, waste management, and decommissioning.

As in the previous cases, the important goal of the Conference, will be to promote regional co-operation and exchange of experience in use of nuclear power and fuel cycle facilities among the countries with an interest in the nuclear option.

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