The Bulgarian Nuclear Society is glad to invite all to its Annual International Conference “Nuclear energy for the people”

8-11 November 2023, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria


The conference “Nuclear energy for the people” will provide a forum for presentation of news and discussions on problems concerning nuclear technology and nuclear applications. The conference environment shall help in involving and engaging more young professionals in nuclear engineering and applications. The policy of education is a key element in the development of nuclear energy as well as activating and engaging of public toward nuclear applications. Bulgarian and foreign experts and researches, students related to the nuclear energy are invited to take part.

Main topics
Advances in Nuclear technology, Education issues in nuclear and radiation, NPP Safety and Safety Culture, NPP Lifetime Management, RAW Management, NPP Decommissioning,
Radiation and environment.

Visit the Conference Official Website: ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2023 – BgNS