— UPDATE — The International Youth Nuclear Conference 2022 will take place in Komiyama, Japan, from 27 November to 2 December.

An exceptional Call for Summaries has been opened till 26th August 2022.

Please bear in mind that this call is addressed to authors wanting to present their summary onsite at Koriyama.

All details here: https://indico.iync.org/event/1/overview


All info, details, and programmes will be soon available on IYNC website: https://www.iync.org/news/


The conference will provide a forum for young professionals in the nuclear field to discuss and collaborate on knowledge transfer, nuclear science and technology research and implementation, professional development, and communication. In particular, the conference brings together young professionals that are looking to further their careers and senior leaders that are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with younger generation.

The Technical programme of IYNC2022 is constructed around the theme “You are the CORE”. As the conference theme suggests, this conference edition is putting the human element at the heart of the discussion about nuclear – whether it means amplifying personal stories of nuclear professionals or talking about the benefits of nuclear science and technologies from both the micro perspective of individuals and the macro perspective of the global sustainability agenda.

A wide range of topics will be covered through various interactive sessions. High-level speakers, including companies and R&D institutes top executives, as well as worldwide recognized leaders, will come to Sochi to share their vision and experience.