TopFuel is an annual topical meeting organised by ENS, the American Nuclear Society as well as the Atomic Energy Society of Japan, the Chinese Nuclear Society and the Korean Nuclear Society.

TopFuel brings together leading specialists in the field from around the world.  For three days they share advances in nuclear fuel management technology in discussions and presentations. Participants can then use the findings of the latest cutting-edge research in their daily professional lives to design, manufacture, operate and dispose the high performance nuclear fuels of today and tomorrow.

NEW! For this upcoming edition we offer the possibility to participate remotely, with a rich mix of on-demand content, live discussions as well as live streaming from Santander.

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The TopFuel 2021 Programme will be published here.


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Roberto Gonzalez (Conference Chair) ENUSA Spain
Masaki Aomi GNF-J Japan
Ioan Arimescu Framatome USA
Ulf Benjaminsson Westinghouse Sweden
Johannes Bertsch Paul Scherrer Institute Switzerland
Paul Cantonwine GNF USA
Marco Cherubini NINE Italy
Wolfgang Faber Preussenelektra Germany
Francisco Javier Fernández López ENRESA Spain
Jose Garcia Laruelo Endesa S.A. Spain
Nadine Hollansky Bel V Belgium
YongJun Jiao NPIC China
Zeses Karoutas Westinghouse USA
Yang-Hyun Koo KAERI Korea
Carolina Losin Studsvik Sweden
Erik Mader EPRI USA
Olivier Marchand IRSN France
Patty McCumbee GNF USA
Cristina Muñoz-Reja Ruiz ENUSA Spain
Manuel Quecedo ENUSA Spain
David Schrire Vattenfall Sweden
Martin Ševeček CTU Czech Republic
Ki Seob Sim IAEA International Organisation
Hideyuki Teshima MNF Japan
Ilya Ushmarov TVEL Russian Federation
Paul Van Uffelen JRC/EC Germany
Marc Verwerft SCK-CEN Belgium
Nico Vollmer Framatome Germany
Nicolas Waeckel EDF France
Jinzhao Zhang Tractebel (ENGIE) Belgium
Libing Zhu Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute (SNERDI) China

Info Point

Location – TopFuel 2021

TopFuel 2021 will take place at the Magdalena Palace, the old residence of King Alfonso XIII. Magdalena Palace offers a perfect combination of tradition and modernity, its monumental appearance contrasts with the updated facilities used for university courses during the summer and for the celebration of great events throughout the year.



A range of hotels are located close to the Peninsula of La Magdalena and along the Sardinero beach. A list of recommended hotels will be published here in the course of the summer.

ABOUT Santander

Santander is the capital of the Spanish region of Cantabria and has spread out along the sea throughout its history. Its port and its seafaring nature have conditioned its urban features and its elongated shape in search of water. It has been built on hills and its steep slopes, known locally by the adjective of pindias, have also influenced the shaping of the various quarters. Local affection for the bay, the only one in the north of Spain to face south, has forged a unique personality full of contrasts.

In recent years the capital of Cantabria has also been able to boast that it has become an important point of reference for culture thanks to a busy agenda that attracts many visitors throughout the year. Read more at the website of the Santander Tourist Office.


Citizens from countries outside of the Schengen area might need a visa to enter Spain. Check here for requirements for entering Spanish territory.

Upon request, the European Nuclear Society will prepare a visa invitation letter for delegates whose registration fees were received in full. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to give any further support to the visa application process. Obtaining a visa remains the sole responsibility of the participant. Regular cancellation deadlines apply, regardless of whether your visa was granted or not.


European Nuclear Society

Avenue des Arts 56, 1000 Brussels – Belgium


The Terms & Conditions for the attendance of TopFuel 2021 are available here.

Call for Papers


TopFuel 2021 will take place from 24-28 October 2021 in Santander, Spain

TopFuel’s primary objective is to bring together leading specialists in the field from around the world to analyse advances in nuclear fuel management technology and to use the findings of the latest cutting-edge research to help manufacture the high performance nuclear fuels of today and tomorrow.

NEW! All authors have the possibility to opt for remote presentations and participation at the conference.


Conference topics

The TopFuel 2021 Programme Committee is calling for both oral and poster presentations in the following themes:

  • Track 1. Operation and experience – Fuel operating experience and performance (reliability/leakers, fuel assembly/component distortion, degradation and failures, handling issues, water-side corrosion and hydriding, stress corrosion cracking, poolside examination and hot cell PIE); fuel assembly repair; failed fuel monitoring, water chemistry and corrosion/crud/dose counter-measures; mixed core operation; reload variability; flexible operation (power modulation or load follow);, extended operating domain; fuel supply strategy; fluence reduction to reactor components; end of reactor life (management of final cycles).
  • Track 2. Advances in designs, materials and manufacturing – Fuel Assembly design innovations; processing and manufacturing; cladding and structural materials development; mechanical and corrosion behaviour; irradiation experience in MTR; fuel design for higher than 5% enrichment, high burnup, fluence reduction and for disposal; qualification and licensing.
  • Track 3. Evolutionary and innovative advanced technology fuels (eATF) – Advanced fuel and control rod designs, fuel pellet, cladding and component materials behaviour; in-pile experience; qualification and licensing issues; deployment scenarios; life-cycle implementation from manufacturing to reactor operation and back-end.
  • Track 4. Modelling, analysis and methods – Development, verification, validation and uncertainty quantification (VVUQ) of fuel performance modelling codes; multiscale modelling (including ab initio); multi-physics; water chemistry and crud modelling; experimental data and applicability; transposition to in-reactor and back-end conditions; statistical uncertainty analysis; design and analytical methods; big data applications, modelling of eATF.
  • Track 5. Transient Fuel Behaviour and safety related issues – Transient fuel behaviour (RIA, LOCA, ATWS, PCI/SCC, PCMI, …), safety and design criteria (including eATF, DEC conditions), safety analysis and licensing; fuel safety related issues (e.g. fuel fragmentation, relocation and dispersal; long term coolability; re-criticality; transient fission gas release; cladding burst/ballooning mechanisms; fuel behaviour under extended loss of cooling); small and large scale fuel testing facilities.
  • Track 6. Used fuel storage, transportation and re-use – Closed fuel cycles (re-use); strategies; re-use after transportation/storage; interim storage, dry storage, wet storage, long term storage strategies (incl. eATF); handling and transportation of damaged, high BU and non-standard fuels (incl. eATF); handling and treatment of leaking fuel; R&D activities; ageing issues; criteria and regulation; long term fuel database management

Authors should submit their abstract text (around 400 words) in English through the Abstract Submission System by:

12 February 2021

Important dates

Abstract submission 12 February 2021
Notification of authors 15 March 2021
Deadline for draft paper submission 14 May 2021
Author notification of paper acceptance 1 July 2021
Final deadline for full paper submission 16 July 2021
Conference 24 – 28 October 2021
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TopFuel is an ENS Conference