30 September - 04 October 2018 in Prague Czech Republic


Technical Tours

On Thursday 4 October TopFuel 2018 delegates will have the possibility to participate in three technical tours:

Technical Tour I: ÚJV Řež, a. s. and Research Centre Řež

UJV Rez provides a wide range of services, including mainly applied research, project and engineering activities in the field of energy, industry and health.

The main aim of the research organisation Centrum výzkumu Řež (CVŘ) is research, development and innovations in the field of power generation (especially nuclear). CVŘ owns unique research infrastructures such as the experimental research reactors LVR-15 and LR-0 and technological experimental circuits. Significant modernization of the infrastructure has been realized in the period 2012-2017 under the SUSEN project (realized in the framework of the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovations of the European Regional Development Fund).

The visit will include:

  • research reactors LVR-15 and LR0
  • hot-cells
  • laboratory of cold crucible for severe accident studies
  • laboratory of fluoride volatility process
  • Centre of highly sensitive analytical instruments
  • Large scale facility THS-15 for In-Vessel Melt Retention studies


  • Departure from hotel: 8:30
  • Arrival at hotel: 14:30

Technical Tour II: UJP PRAHA

UJP PRAHA has proven experience with processing uranium and other materials for protection shielding, the production of shipping and storage containers for ionizing radiation sources and a wide portfolio of products and services related to this.
The company is furthermore developing a challenging technology for processing metallic uranium by means of melting, alloying, machining, surface protection of uranium, uranium parts and products made of metallic depleted uranium.
In the field of medical equipment, the main production program of UJP PRAHA manufactures products that use ionizing radiation. They include radiotherapeutic irradiators and related equipment used in radiotherapy.

The visit will include:

1) Zr-alloys

  • autoclave corrosion experiments
  • LOCA experiments (high temperature steam oxidation, burst-tests)
  • Severe accidents (air oxidation, U-Zr steam oxidation)
  • back-end (low temperature creep, hydrides reorientation)

2) Other UJP activities

  • Production of radiotherapy Systems
  • Containers for transport of radioactive material applied in medicine, gammagraphy and geology
  • Gammagraphy cameras for NDT (Ir192,Se75,Co60)


  • Departure from hotel: 8:45
  • Arrival at hotel: 12:45

Technical Tour III: Temelin NPP

The Temelín Nuclear Power Plant is situated approximately 24 km from České Budějovice and 5 km from Týn nad Vltavou. Electricity is generated in two production units with VVER 1000 Type V 320 pressurised-water reactors. In spring 2003, the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant, with its 2,000 MW of installed capacity, became the largest power resource in the Czech Republic.
The visit will include the information center, the turbine hall and a control room simulator.


  • Departure from hotel: 8:30
  • Arrival at hotel: 18:00


The maximum size of each group is limited and participation is on a first-come, first-served basis.
Please fill in the appropriate section of the registration form and the required information for the security check.

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