NESTet 2016

NESTet 2016

22 - 26 May 2016 in Berlin, Germany



NESTet 2016 Programme

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Attracting and retaining a highly skilled and motivated workforce is a major challenge and it is an issue of key importance in the nuclear sector. The NESTet Conference is designed to facilitate an exchange of information and the sharing of best practice in nuclear education and training.

The conference programme will evolve around a series of key-notes and best practice examples on the following topics:

  • How to ensure the availability of skills and competences in the nuclear sector

    • education and training throughout the nuclear supply chain

    • attraction, motivation and retention of skilled work force

  • How to combine theoretical and practical courses

  • How to use new tools for education and training (application and feedback)

  • How to adapt to the needs and mind-set of Generations Y and Z?

A detailed description of issues tackled is available in the NESTet 2016 Call for Papers.
Conference participants will furthermore be able to participate in interactive sessions on

  • Excellence in project management

  • Training for nuclear safety culture

  • ‘Talking nuclear’ in secondary and high schools

  • Presentation sessions of training simulators

The conference targets directors and managers in charge of recruitment and training in companies and research centers, professors, teachers and trainers responsible for devising and delivering education and training as well as coordinators and networkers bringing together stakeholders in nuclear education and training.



organised in collaboration with:

American Nuclear Society