NESTet 2016

NESTet 2016

22 - 26 May 2016 in Berlin, Germany



Social Programme

Networking is a major benefit of the NESTet conference. The social events help connect the conference delegates and are included in the registration fee.

Welcome Drink

Get in touch before the conference starts at the NESTet 2016 Welcome Drink. The Welcome Drink will take place from 18.00 – 19.00 on Sunday 22 May in the foyer in front of the main conference room, Kurland. It will be preceded by a Pre-registration which ensures a smooth registration prior to the conference.

NESTet 2016  Conference Dinner

The NESTet 2016 Conference Dinner will take place on Tuesday 24 May 2016, on the site of a small 19th century brewery, the Schultheiss brewery. This brewery wanted its buildings to be both functional as well as make a statement about the company. This is why they commissioned renowned architect Franz Heinrich Schwechten to design their brewery complex on Schönhauser Allee at the end of the nineteenth century. The richly decorated buildings of red and yellow brick with their cast iron columns, barrel vaults and stone ceilings are fine examples of nineteenth-century industrial architecture. Beer was brewed here until 1967 and its courtyards and unique architecture have been protected as a monument since 1974.

Schultheiss brewery




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