The General Assembly

The ENS governing body is the General Assembly. It consists of the appointed representatives of Member Societies and of delegates from Corporate Members. The powers of the General Assembly extend among other:

  • To appoint and discharge the directors, the President and the Vice-Presidents
  • To approve the annual accounts and budget
  • To admit new active members
The ENS Board of Directors

The General Assembly has appointed a smaller Board and entrusted it with the oversight over the most important ENS projects.

Prof. Frank Deconinck

Honorary President

Emilio Minguez

ENS President

Alastair Laird

Past President

Valerie Faudon

Vice-President - French Nuclear Society

Henri Ormus

Vice-President – Finnish Nuclear Society

Christian Legrain

Vice President – Belgium Nuclear Society

Eileen Langegger

Treasurer - Austrian Nuclear Society

Petros Papadopoulos

Swiss Nuclear Society

Neil Smart

Nuclear Institute (UK)

Helge Gottschling

German Nuclear Society

Rafael Vargas

Spanish Nuclear Society

David de Novellis

Westinghouse – Corporate member

Noel Camarcat

EdF - Corporate member

Jiri Duspiva

Czech Nuclear Society

The ENS Secretariat

The tasks of the association are supported by the ENS Secretariat with office in Brussels, Belgium.

Emilia Janisz

External Relations Officer

Kirsten Epskamp

Operations Director

Fernando Naredo

Secretary General