Nuclear power and non-power technologies are technically very complex facilities that operate in the increasingly challenging regulatory framework and market conditions.

Development, construction, operation, decommissioning, waste management and oversight of these facilities require personnel with excellent education, skills and motivation: nuclear specialists, that are equipped to work in multidisciplinary, multicultural and competitive environments.

ENEN2plus stands for the largest and most integrative nuclear Education and Training (E&T) efforts up to date in nuclear E&T.

Attraction of excellent new talents followed by outstanding development through E&T, cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary activities are the overarching objectives.

Excellent workforce should remain the basic enabler of safe long-term operation of existing and development of advanced facilities. A detailed insight into the EU supply and demand of nuclear human resources for power and non-power applications will be developed. This will include industries, academia, technical safety organizations and regulators.

Higher number of nuclear talents will be achieved through dedicated career-related events and competitions for high school pupils and teachers, students (BSc, MSC, PhD), postdocs and lifelong learners.

A strong mobility program will support over 100 person-years of nuclear career-enhancing experience to about 1.000 learners with over 2,5 million EUR.

Cross-border and cross-disciplinary mobility within and beyond EU will be promoted in cooperation with JRC, OECD/NEA and partners from USA, Canada, China, Korea and Japan.

single hub will be established to provide information on available educational, training and job opportunities.

Appropriate connections with the complementary project facilitating access to research infrastructures will be maintained.

centralized platform with coherent information on vocational training programs, developed during the project, will be established.

ENEN2plus Project – European Nuclear Education Network