Nuclear Research Institute ŘEŽ Plc

The Nuclear Research Instute Řež plc maintains a clear vision to be a top-level scientific & research engineering company focused on the usage of nuclear technology in various fields while concentrating on a long-term sustainable energy with a sparing effect on the environment. Technical-engineering and design capacities, cutting-edge technological equipment and over 65 years of experience in the services of safe and reliable energy, industry and nuclear medicine.

Institute of Plasma Physics of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

The Institute is the only entity in the Czech Republic specializing in the research and applications of plasma. The plasmas studied range from relatively cold discharge plasma with temperatures below 40,000 K (energies in the 1 eV order) to very hot laser plasma with temperatures in tens of millions K (energy above 1 keV). The range of densities of the plasma studied is also very wide.

Nuclear Physics Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences

Primary focus of the institute is nuclear physics, both theoretical and experimental. It carries out studies in the nuclear spectroscopy of beta and gamma radiation, nuclear reactions including the collisions of heavy ions and hyper-nuclear physics. Its work is also focused on related fields, such as the study of the solid phase using neutron scattering, mathematical physics and theoretical subnuclear physics.