Hadassah Medical Center

Cyclotron Radiochemistry Unit Medical imaging has emerged as a dominant method for diagnosing disease conditions and for monitoring treatments. The main objective of the Cyclotron Unit is to synthesize and produce new radio-labeled molecules for the diagnosis and evaluation of various disease conditions using PET imaging at Hadassah and other major PET centers around Israel. In addition, the Hadassah Cyclotron Unit is responsible for routinely producing known PET imaging tracer molecules such asF-18 – Fluorodeoxyglucose (18F-FDG), 11C-Choline F-18- Choline, F-18 -DOPA and C-11- Raclopride on a daily basis due to their short half-lives.


Shimon Peres Negev Nuclear Research Centre

The research conducted at the NRCN is designed to broaden the basic knowledge in nuclear sciences and adjacent fields, and to provide the foundation for the practical and economic utilization of nuclear energy. A national radioactive waste disposal site is situated at the NRCN. Radioactive waste from hospitals, research institutions, higher education facilities and factories is delivered to the site. NRCN personnel are involved in the community, especially in the field of education, and maintain good connections with the local authorities around NRCN.


Soreq Nuclear Research Centre

SNRC is a leading center in applied R&D in a variety of nuclear and photonics technologies, operating under the Israel Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC). The IAEC established the Center in 1958 around Israel’s first nuclear research reactor. Over the years the Center has expanded its scientific and technological activity while moving into new directions. Today the SNRC is an established research center founded on scientific and technological excellence in a range of areas including nuclear physics and engineering, nuclear medicine, non-destructive testing techniques, laser and optronics applications, testing components and materials in space environment, radiation safety, and more.