Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI)

LEI hosts two laboratories in the nuclear field, the Nuclear Engineering Laboratory and the Laboratory of Nuclear Installation Safety.

The Nuclear Engineering Laboratory’s main research areas are:

  • Safety of spent nuclear fuel (snf) management;
  • Safety of radioactive waste management;
  • Assessment of different factors related to decommissioning of nuclear facilities;
  • Waste heat recovery from flue gases during biofuel combustion and reduction of the amount of emissions from the exhaust;
  • Investigation of heat transfer and hydrodynamic processes in various systems and their components;
  • Fire safety investigation.

The Laboratory of Nuclear Installation Safety’s main research areas are:

  • safety assessment of nuclear power plants;
  • safety analysis of thermonuclear fusion reactors;
  • analysis of new generation nuclear power plants;
  • analysis of thermal-hydraulic accident and transient processes;
  • assessment of change of thermal-hydraulic parameters in NPPs containments and other premises;
  • simulation of transport of radionuclides and aerosols in premises;
  • analysis of reactivity initiated accident processes of nuclear reactor and justification of reactor core modifications;
  • safety assessment of decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear installations;
  • level 1 and level 2 probabilistic safety assessment of NPPs;
  • reliability estimation and control of energy systems;
  • strength analysis of structures, piping and other components in complex technical systems;
  • failure analysis and engineering assessment for complex technical systems;
  • risk and hazard assessment of industrial objects;
  • assessment of security of energy supply;
  • probabilistic modeling and analysis of unusual events;
  • analysis of sensitivity and uncertainty of modeling results;
  • modeling of processes in hydraulic networks (heat/water supply, etc.) and assessment of heat supply reliability;
  • fundamental research in thermal physics.
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Center for Physical Sciences and Technology

The Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC) is state founded scientific research institute. The center is the public legal entity, acting as the state budget office, and carrying out the state, society, international cooperation or trade entities important and long-term research and development according to the topics of center statute.

The Department of Nuclear Research at FTMC implements the technological possibilities important for public and business needs, performs training and expertise in the fields of nuclear physics, nuclear and mass spectroscopy. The aim of the department covers development of smart-environmental and environment-safe nuclear fuel cycle technologies, implementation of new material modification and analysis methods.

The Department is organised in seven Laboratories: