Kiev Institute for Nuclear Research (NASU)

The Institute coordinates the participation of Ukrainian nuclear physicists in the work of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna) and maintains working links with the IAEA. The Institute’s scientists are involved in the implementation of a number of international scientific programs, providing significant assistance in the training of highly qualified personnel and specialists for other countries. The main directions of scientific research are Nuclear Physics, Atomic Energy, Solid-state physics, Plasma Physics, Radiobiology and Radioecology.

Every year, more than one hundred researchers of the Institute go abroad for the purpose of carrying out scientific work, for internships and for participation in international scientific events. Each year, about 70-80 foreign scientists and specialists from the United States, Germany, Austria, Japan, France, Republic of Korea and other countries visit the Institute.

Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology, the National Science Center

Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology (the KIPT, earlier referred to as Ukrainian Institute of Physics and Technology), being one of oldest and largest centers of physical science in Ukraine, was created in 1928 for the purpose of developing urgent lines of research (at that time – nuclear physics and solid-state physics).