An energy balance record is a survey of the sourcing, transformation and use of all forms of energy within a specified economic area (borough, company, country, state) during a defined period (e. g. month, year).

Energy balance records show the quantitative flow of the energy from different sources, starting from its origin and continuing with its transformation and consumption by the user, in the form of a balance sheet. They are a major basis for decisions on energy policy and the energy industry as well a for predictions on the development of the energy demand. The energy balance sheets provide relevant information about

  • the extent and structure of energy consumption,
    changes in energy consumption,
  • the contributions of the different domestic and imported energy sources,
  • the transformation of energy carriers and
  • the distribution of the energy consumed over the different consumption sectors.

For Germany, energy balance records are compiled e. g. by “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Energiebilanzen”, an organisation supported by energy industry associations and economic research institutes.

Simplified energy flow diagram for Germany for the year 2018