The EPR™ reactor is a new Generation III+ Pressurised Water Reactor (PWR) designed and manufactured by AREVA with a power generation capacity of up to 1660 MWe, which places it among the most powerful reactors in the world. A direct descendant of the last models manufactured by AREVA in France (N4) and Siemens in Germany (Konvoi), the EPR™ pressurized water reactor is based on tried-and-tested technologies and principles. This reactor design was previously called European Pressurized Reactor or Evolutionary Power Reactor, but now it is simply named EPR, a trademark by AREVA.

From a safety point of view, the EPR™ reactor ensures a very high level thanks to diversified, redundant active and passive safety systems to drastically reduce of the probability of severe accidents compared to existing Generation II reactors as well as to ensure that there will be no impact on the surrounding area, whatever the situation. In particular, it is highly resistant to external incidents (large commercial airplane crash, etc.) and features multiple protected power sources and water reserves.

Through improved thermal efficiency the EPR™ reactor achieves a significant reduction in uranium consumption and production of long-lived radioactive waste.

As of August 2020, five units are under construction – in Finland (Olkiluoto), in France (Flamanville), in China (Taishan-1 and -2) and in the United Kingdom (Hinkley Point C).