Joint European Torus; large-scale experiment for controlled nuclear fusion; Culham, England. In 1991, it was possible for the first time in the history of fusion research to release considerable energy by controlled nuclear fusion using the JET. For a period of two seconds, the facility generated a fusion power of 1.8 megawatt. In 1997 the JET generated a fusion energy of 14 megajoules at a record fusion power of 13 megawatts with a fuel mixture consisting of equal parts of deuterium and tritium. An important measure of this success is also the ratio of fusion power output to heating input, which with 65 percent was more than twice the value achieved until that time.

Essential JET data:

– Large plasma radius 2.96 m,
– Small radii 1.25m horizontal/2.10 m vertical
– Magnetic field 3.4 teslas,
Plasma flow 3.2-4.8 megaamperes,
Plasma heating 50 megawatts,
Plasma temperature 250 million °C.