Nuclear Power Plant Rheinsberg, pressurized water reactor with an electric gross output of 70 MW, was commissioned as the first nuclear power plant of the former GDR on 6th May 1966 and finally shut down on 1st June 1990. The total gross output amounted to 9 TWh. The disassembly work has commenced and is to be completed with the “greenfield” status.

Since 1995 the plant has been undergoing decommissioning activities conducted by the company previously operating the plant during its active life (Energiewerke Nord GmbH). Radioactive materials are being moved to the interim storage facility north at the Greifswald nuclear power plant, near Lubmin.

The area is under consideration for either site “greening” or conversion into an Industrial park once the plant has been dismantled.

The original plans assumed that the “greenfield” status, the complete elimination of the facility, would be achieved in 2012. However, the reactor building is heavily contaminated with Cobalt-60 and it will probably only be available for re-use after thirty years.