Graphite-moderated, CO2-cooled reactor type with natural uranium fuel elements covered by a Magnox sheath. Reactor type mainly built in Great Britain, from the 1950s to the 1970s, with very few exported to other countries.

Currently, there are no more Magnox reactors operating. The last one of 28 Magnox reactors produced was shut down in 2015 at Wylfa-1. 26 of them operated in the UK (e.g. Calder Hall, Chapelcross, Hinkley Point A, Sizewell A, Dungeness A, Bradwell…) and have been all shut down starting from 1989. Only 2 Magnox reactors operated overseas, one in Italy (Latina nuclear power plant, shutdown in 1987) and one in Japan (Tokai-1 nuclear power plant, shutdown in 1998).