Multipurpose research reactor in the German Research Centre, pressurized water reactor (moderated and cooled with D2O) with an electric gross output of 58 MW, nuclear commissioning on 29th September 1965; on 3rd May 1984 it was finally shut down; cumulative power generation: 5 TWh. The decommissioning work commenced in 1995 and is to be completed with the “greenfield“condition.

The decommissioning work is currently in progress to the “green field”. According to the original plans, the MZFR should have been completely eliminated by the end of 2006.  Following several postponements, it is planned to remove all buildings previously used for nuclear purposes by the early 2020s.

The radioactive waste resulting from the dismantling of the MZFR is temporarily stored at the Karlsruhe reprocessing plant (WAK).