AIN-YG Position Paper To Support The National Radwaste Repository

The Young Generation (YG) of the Italian Nuclear Association (AIN) published a Position Paper promoting its standing about the selection procedure for the location and construction of the future National Radioactive Waste Repository and the annexed Technological Park ( DN-PT).

The YG gathers all the under-40s AIN members, young experts in the nuclear sector and energy issues, professionals and researchers working in important companies, universities and research institutes.

Early this year, Italy’s state-owned nuclear waste management company Sogin has published a list of 67 potential sites for a national radwaste storage facility.

The list identifies areas whose characteristics meet localisation criteria defined by the National Inspectorate for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ISIN) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The repository is expected to receive 95,000 cubic metres of radioactive waste, 60% of which will derive from nuclear plant decommissioning and the remaining 40% from scientific research, medical and industrial applications.

The AIN-YG Position Paper highlights how the National Repository is essential for the correct operation of the several industrial sectors that use radioactive materials and can contribute to the country’s safety through the unified and standardized management of Italian radioactive waste, its storage and disposal at a single site.

The Italian Nuclear Association and its YG firmly aim to raise awareness and inform public opinion and to provide technical and scientific support to all those involved in the decision-making process.

Moreover, the Position Paper offers some concrete proposals regarding the future of the Technological Park, in order to make it an extraordinary opportunity for economic development, as the creation of a university research center for the production of medical radioisotopes or for advanced research and development in the field of alternative energy carriers and fourth generation reactors.

Read the full AIN-YG Position Paper “National Radioactive Waste Repository and Technological Park” (in italian).