The core of another ITER superconducting magnet has been completed

The core of another superconducting magnet has been completed for the ITER project (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor).

The massive piece of equipment will depart from the ASG Superconductors factory (La Spezia, Northern Italy), to be delivered to Marghera where it will go through the final steps of manufacturing.

The manufacturing has been carried out in compliance with COVID-19 regulations, as well as the magnet’s transport will be conducted in line with the new protocols.

The transport to the port of Marghera will be handled by Master Project & Logistics, a Tarros group company.

Once completed, the component will be transported to Cadarache, France, to be part of the biggest fusion device in the history of mankind.

ITER is the biggest international scientific experiment to test the potential of fusion energy, which is described as efficient, environmentally-responsible and secure.

Seven partners representing half of the world’s population and 80% of the global GDP are part of this project: the European Union, China, Japan, USA, Russia, India and South Korea.

Fusion for Energy (F4E), the EU organisation managing Europe’s contribution to ITER, is responsible for nearly 50% of the project.

Read more in the ASG Superconductor’s Press Release