Bertin Supplies Armenia With Radiation Monitoring Instruments

The European Commission is financially supporting Armenia in the acquisition and installation of an automatic on-line radiation monitoring early warning system for monitoring and dispersion modelling with an emergency center for the Armenian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (ANRA).

Armenia operates a single Unit (448MW PWR) nuclear power plant in Metsamor, which produces more than 25% of the country’s electricity.

In this framework, Bertin Instruments (Division of Bertin Technologies, ENS Corporate Member) supplied the ANRA with all of the necessary equipment for fast and accurate gamma dose rate and spectroscopic measurements as well as independent and safe data transmission and storage.

For such kind of modelling, several measurement values have to be determined in the area around the nuclear station. In addition, a powerful server system for data processing and visualization is also needed.

The European Commission funded system consists of 35 gamma dose measurement stations (GammaTRACER XL2), three spectroscopic measurement stations (SpectroTRACER Air/Soil) and a server system including a client computer for the emergency centre.

A powerful online supervision software (DataEXPERT 10) is required to display the data in real time and to trigger an alarm if necessary.

Read more on Bertin Press Release.

Last year we held an interesting webinar together with Bertin Technologies, aiming at answering the question “How could the nuclear industry benefit from high-safety nuclear handling solutions and radiation detection and measurement equipment?“.

Watch it now on ENS YouTube Channel