Cooperation on NICA Project intensifies

Germany and Russia are planning to extend their cooperation on the superconducting Nuclotron-based Ion Collider Facility (NICA), being built in Dubna, near Moscow, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research reported.

JINR has 18 member states. Germany is one of six associate members with Egypt, Hungary, Italy, South Africa and Serbia.

NICA, being built in Dubna, near Moscow, is one of Russia’s priority scientific “megaprojects” and is expected to be online before the end of 2022.

Its development began in 2005, and construction started in 2013.

The NICA collider is an experimental facility, similar to Europe’s CERN in Switzerland.

Its purpose is to help understand how protons and neutrons were formed in the universe and help research on extreme densities and temperatures.

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