CTU Prague Has Obtained Permission To Build VR-2 Research Reactor

The Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (FNSPE) at the Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague has obtained permission from the State Office for Nuclear Safety (SÚJB) to build the VR-2 research reactor.

Construction and commissioning of the subcritical reactor are scheduled to be completed by the end of this year.

The VR-2 is a nuclear facility that uses an external neutron source for maintaining the fission reaction. Because of that, the nuclear facility is inherently safe, SUJB stated.

Once the source is switched off, fission stops. This allows for simpler reactor design and construction. It is based on a pool arrangement of the reactor vessel, in which there is an internal installation with fuel rods forming the active zone. The moderator will be demineralised water.

The VR-2 will be used for educational and research purposes at the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) and it will expand the operation capacity of successfully operating educational and experimental reactor VR-1.

The demand for education on this unique educational reactor at FNSPE CTU still grows and the new subcritical reactor will cover the educational needs of a larger number of students from the Czech Republic and from abroad.

Read the SUJB Press Release.

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