Dr Stanislas de Lambert wins ENS High Scientific Council PhD Award 2022

The ENS HSC brings together 22 scientists from 16 countries. For the 2022 edition HSC received eleven nominations from ENS member Societies: namely the Belgian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Israeli, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, UK and Ukrainian Nuclear Societies.

ENS Members Societies provided candidates’ CV, an extended summary of her/his PhD work, related articles and patents she/he co-authored, and a recommendation letter from her/his national society to the ENS secretariat.

Having examined all this information, the HSC met remotely on May 4 and unanimously decided to select four out of these 11 candidates to enter the final stage of the contest:

  • Dr Stanislas de Lambert (France) “Contribution to the multiphysical analysis of fuel assembly bow”
  • Dr Matteo D’Onorio (Italy) “Safety Analyses with uncertainty quantification for fusion and fission nuclear power plants. Applications to EU DEMO fusion reactor and BWRs
  • Dr Jaen Ocadiz Flores (The Netherlands) ”Molten Salt Reactor Chemistry: Structure and Equilibria”
  • Dr Liberato Volpe (UK) “High Temperature Oxidation Studies of Ni-base Alloys: Understanding the Role of the “Precursor Events” during the Early Stages of Stress Corrosion Cracking

On 25 November 2022 the ENS HSC organised an audition of preselected candidates and after long debate Chairman Eric Proust announced that Dr Stanislas de Lambert receives the ENS HSC PhD Award 2022 with a prize of 2000 Euro. Three other competitors have received the Laureate title.

The Award ceremony in person will be organised at any possible conference in 2023.