ENS elects new President – Prof. Emilio Minguez

On 5 December the ENS General Assembly elected Prof. Emilio Minguez Torres as the new President of the European Nuclear Society (ENS).

Prof. Minguez will assume his duties as ENS President in April 2020, replacing incumbent President Alastair Laird.

Mr Laird will continue to support the ENS Secretariat as an active Past President from April 2020 onwards.

Emilio Minguez is the Professor Chair in Nuclear Engineering at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain.

In his new role, Prof. Minguez would like to focus on improving the attractiveness of the nuclear career, with the goal of bringing more young professionals to the nuclear sector.

This can be achieved by incorporating new teaching methodologies and innovative tools at universities and secondary schools. In his view, it is important to present a positive future for nuclear focusing on all nuclear applications.